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Have you been thinking about updating your current bookkeeping software to a program that will help you streamline your day-to-day accounting requirements? Do you want to increase your productivity and decrease time-intensive manual tasks at the same time?

If so, we have the solution for you—Client Bookkeeping Solution (CBS).

CBS enables you to computerize all your accounting tasks through the use of a highly intuitive and easy to use system. CBS also allows you to streamline your daily processes by automating your checkwriting and payroll tasks and offering the ability to seamlessly transfer your data to our accounting firm. Once data is received, CBS allows us to automatically transfer your data into our system for fast and efficient turnaround of reports and financial statements. Everybody wins!

The following offers you more detailed information on the CBS system and the value it can offer you and your business: TL13207.pdf

How does CBS work?

Each period, you maintain your checkbook and issue checks using CBS. You enter bills and print checks as you need them and enter deposits and fund transfers to ensure an up-to-date, correct checkbook balance. If you have questions or concerns with any transaction, CBS offers you the ability to attach "electronic notes" during data entry to individual items. We will review these notes and resolve your questions and/or issues for you. At month end, you will transfer your data to us via email or diskette for processing. We then transfer your data to our system, post your books and payroll records, and prepare your monthly financial statements. From the transferred data, we can also efficiently prepare your W-2s, 940s, 1099s, and SUTA reports for year-end tax purposes. It’s that easy!

How does CBS benefit you?

CBS gives you complete control over your cash flow—from prior disbursements to future obligations. You can print reports to track where your cash comes from, where it goes, and where it needs to go. CBS can also "memorize" checks written frequently, so that you will not have to repeatedly input detailed check information. Offering seamless integration for data transfer, CBS alleviates your accounting firm (that’s us) from having to manually input your data—enabling us to dedicate more time to offering you personalized consulting and accounting services.

How do you get started?

To learn more about CBS, please call for a product demonstration. At the same time, we can also discuss your accounting and software needs, system cost, and implementation requirements.

We have enclosed supplemental literature on the CBS system for your review. I firmly believe that the CBS system will benefit you now and for years to come. I welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you further.